Friday, 6 February 2015

Jebe Noyan 

In the year 1201 A.D, there was a battle between the forces of Genghis Khanand Targhutai Kiriltugh, the chief of the Tai'Chiyud tribe. This battle was known as The Battle of The Thirteen Sides. During the course of the battle, one of the Tai'Chiyud horsemen shot a well-aimed arrow at Genghis himself, injuring him in his neck. After the battle was over, all the remaining men of the Tai'Chiyuds were rounded up. 

                       Genghis Khan commanded the man who had shot his horse (in an attempt to conceal his injury) to come forward and confess. And a young warrior by the name of Zurgadai, voluntarily came forward, and confessed that he had indeed shot Genghis himself, and not his horse. He also said that he was not afraid of death, and if the Great Khan wished to execute him, he may do so, but should he grant him mercy, then he promised that he would be the most loyal soldier in his army, and serve him till death.

                        The Great Khan valued loyalty and bravery above everything, and he liked the answer given by the young man. He pardoned the marksman, and gave him a new name- "Chepe" meaning "Arrow" in mongolian.

                          Later, the name "Chepe" gradually turned into "Jebe", andJebe Noyan became the second greatest commander under the Great Khan after Subhotai Baa'tur. He went on to complete many campaigns, including the campaign against Kuchlukh of the Khara-Khitans, and "The Battle of the Kalkha River"(1223 A.D.)

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